Ron came into our office the spring of 2023 with severe Sciatica pain, low back pain, hip pain, numbness and tingling in his legs, and stated he had disc bulges. He rated his pain at a 9 out of 10 with the low back and hip pain as being constant. Ron said he’d been suffering with the Sciatica pain for about 7 years, and was seeing his doctor for it for some time. He was receiving pain shots and also taking pain and inflammation medication regularly. Eventually, Ron’s doctor advised him that he would need back surgery to shave and cut some of the herniated discs, as that was the only solution to alleviate his constant pain. At age 85, that was not something Ron wanted to do.

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Ron was an active senior, and the Sciatica and back pain was affecting all his daily activities including yard work and walking. He also was an avid golfer and enjoyed bowling, which were all affected by his pain.

When Ron first came in to Macomb Township Chiropractic after a complete health analysis and set of state of the art Chiropractic x-rays were taken, Dr. Chris found multiple misalignments in the spine which were putting pressure on the nerves, specifically the sciatic nerve. Ron started a care plan specifically tailored to his needs which included regular chiropractic adjustments, electrical stimulation of the muscles and nerves, disc decompression therapy, and postural rehabilitation. After 6 weeks of therapy, x-rays were taken again, and Ron already showed improvement. He stated his Sciatica and low back pain were “moderately better” and the leg numbness and tingling were “totally better”.

Ron completed his care plan and at his last re-exam, reported he was “totally better” in all areas of concern that he came into the office with, and he listed his pain levels at all zeros. He stated he is able to enjoy all his favorite activities again, and said “I’m surprised at how well I am!” Ron was also happy to report he no longer needs any of his prescription pain medications that he was so dependent on when first came into the office.

Sciatica refers to pain, weakness, numbness, or tingling that radiates along the sciatic nerve which can go to your hips, buttocks, both legs and lower back. It can be caused by injury to or pressure on the sciatic nerve, herniated discs, bone spurs, or misalignments in the low back which puts pressure on the sciatic nerve. Physical inactivity, not using good posture, and lack of core strength in your low back, or a pelvic injury can contribute to sciatica. Age can also play a part in sciatica due to thinning of the discs.

What are the Symptoms of Sciatica?

Radiating pain anywhere along the sciatic nerve, mild or sharp pain which feels like an electric shock, burning pain in the low back, buttocks, hips and legs, numbness and tingling down the hips, legs, and feet, muscle weakness in lower extremities, bowel and bladder issues. In some cases, the pain is severe enough to make a person unable to move.

What Kind of Problems Arise from Sciatica?

Besides the obvious constant or on-and-off pain, sciatica can affect your daily life by interfering with sitting, standing, bending, lifting, sleeping, working, social activities, and family life. Many times, if left untreated, sciatica can lead to risky back surgery as well. The sciatic nerve is associated with many other nerves in your body and can cause pain in other areas of your back, legs and feet. This can affect walking and overall mobility and muscle weakness.

How Does Chiropractic Help?

Macomb Twp Chiropractic has some of the best treatments for sciatica. Because sciatica is primarily caused by pinched nerves, chiropractic adjustments or spinal manipulations, allows a herniated disc to rest back into position and takes the pressure off the sciatic nerve. Addressing the root cause of the issue is key to sciatica relief. Relieving pinched nerves causes pain relief, reduced irritation and inflammation, and leads to overall healing.

What Does Macomb Township Chiropractic Offer?

We offer state of the art treatment geared towards sciatic pain relief. Dr. Chris McNeil, Macomb Township Chiropractic Chiropractor, uses Chiropractic Biophysics as a blueprint to not only treat the possible disc issues and misalignments in the low spine, but correct the areas causing the problem. Regular chiropractic adjustments along with postural rehabilitation take pressure off the nerves which reduces irritation and inflammation and promotes better blood flow and healing. Use of electrical stimulation in the sciatic region stimulates muscles and reduces tension. The state of the art computerized disc decompression table is perfect for gently pulling the discs to separate and release pinched nerves.

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Dr. Chris Mcneil

Dr. Chris McNeil specializes in Chiropractic Rehab and Disc Decompression Therapy. He is the first Chiropractor in Michigan to be certified in the Chiropractic Biophysics (CBP) technique of posture & spinal rehabilitation. CBP is the chiropractic technique with the most research studies published in medical and chiropractic journals, so it is the most scientific and specific of all the chiropractic techniques. Dr. Chris is also certified in the Kennedy disc decompression therapy technique for the treatment of bulging, herniated or degenerated discs.
Growing up in Metro Detroit Michigan in a medical family, with both his mother and father working as registered nurses, Dr. Chris always knew he wanted to go into the medical profession. After recovering from a severe auto accident while he was in high school, in which he fractured both of his arms, several fingers and his leg, and had to undergo extensive surgeries and physical therapy. That is when Dr. Chris decided to go to Wayne State University to become a physical therapist.
At the same time Dr. Chris was going to Wayne State University to become a physical therapist he was introduced to chiropractic care by a high school friend who was going to Life University to become a chiropractor.  Since starting under chiropractic care, the chronic sinus infections he used to experience on a monthly basis now happen rarely, and at that time he became a chiropractic believer and converted. That’s when he changed his college major from physical therapy to chiropractic.
Dr. Chris graduated from Life University in Marietta Georgia in 2002 and has dedicated his life to helping the people of Macomb County Michigan achieve natural and safe health and healing through chiropractic rehab and disc decompression therapy.